What is KAMGAM?

KAMGAM is a small independent game studio founded in 2016. It is located near Linz in Austria (the birth country of both Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Arnold Schwarzenegger). We neither make classical music nor action movies but we enjoy to create games and tools for the Unity 3D engine.

Though I started this project just a few short years ago I have been working in game development for quite some time (co-founded Modern Alchemists and Modern Stark in 2011).

George Btw. my name is Georg. KAMGAM is primarily a one man show (plus friends and occasionally some hired help). It started as a hobby project but by 2017 it had grown to a size which made it necessary to form a company.

KAMGAMs biggest game is "Sunset Bike Racer". It's a 2D motocross racing game for mobile which has been downloaded about two million times.

Over the years I have created some tools for Unity that helped me streamline my workflow. Recently I have started uploading them to the Asset Store. Sharing tools to help fellow Unity developers has been much more fun than I anticipated.

If you want to get in touch then please send me an Email or contact me in the Unity Forum.