Pivot Cursor

  • It introduces a virtual pivot (called "cursor")
  • Rotate and scale around any point
  • Scale two axis at once
  • Works right there in the SceneView
  • Full Source Code: uses ASMDEFs
  • Super lightweight (just a fews classes)
  • Supports Unity 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, ... (LTS)


If you find any errors then please use the support form, write to office[at]kamgam.com

Please be patient, replies may take a few days. Please include your Asset Store Order Nr in your request.

Thank you.


Download the Asset from the Asset Store and import it into your project. You are done, no additional setup is needed.


A new menu will be available under "Window > Exclude From Build". Go check it out once the import is done.

Info: the settings will be created under Assets/.

All code and assets are (if not specified differently):
Copyright (C) 2022 KAMGAM e.U. - All rights reserved The code can only be used under the standard Unity Asset Store End User License Agreement. A Copy of the EULA APPENDIX 1 is available at https://unity3d.com/company/legal/as_terms

I publish this plugin with full source code because as a developer I know how annoying it is to not have source code access. If you like it then please remind others to purchase the plugin. Don't just copy and paste it everywhere.
Thank you